Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chengdu has the best tofu

The beard spoke true through the scented air. The cow carries much luck on its broad shoulders. What i have been looking for leaping forward to meet me. The air heavy and clouded, perpetual fog. Obscuring, hiding what lies in waiting. She spoke rightly. Beauty is often hidden in such mist. She did not know but she was also speaking of this place. New rabbits to meet. This one has had more time to collect bunnies. He appreciates my presence, but i doubt if he understands just how much he can do for me. How much i have been seeking him, but not having known where to go. And i find them. All of them, sitting waiting for me. Steeled eyes gazing forward. They have sat here for so long while always still dancing in the skies. Dancing in my head and heart. I went ot sit at Lu`s feet. I touched my head to the ground and i could only laugh out loud as i starred at all of their golden or bronze faces. All of them only made me laugh, too much joy in my heart bursting out. Before Wenshu`s stable gaze i was calmed like still water. People will think i am just crazy and eccentric leaving the band of my kungfu brother at Lu`s feet. Asking him for help between bursts of a dancing lotus escaping. Today my feet moved smoother, my blade turned steadier. He once sat in those halls. Maybe he still does as a spider, or monk, or old woman resting on a bench or maybe he just still hears the echos in its halls, but i think, a feeling which had been slipping only to be pulled back, that he may have listened and agreed to send me a boon.
"Do you like Sun Wukon or Lu Dongbin better?" I sit and think, holding the fluted glass. No bubbles or frozen insects in this glass of amber. The king of monkeys. Lu is shining steel, purity and ordered good. Monkey causes trouble. Right now i would rather be a blazing fire, leaping water, or a raging wind. Maybe all at once. There is a great time for treading a shining path. now i think trouble is more fun. Sao, i know what this means. She says and explains it with disdain. I disagree, sao can be fun. Eyes peeking out from beneath the brim. It has been a while since i have seen eyes like that. Lips and eyes and breasts that give nothing but lust, long since i have felt that. Sly smiles interchanged, sao. Sao could be fun.
A desert wind with soaring dragon and phoenix clouds. Sun setting, chaning to a sea of blazing water. Joy boiling up again, so much.
Visions in my head as lights dance before me. So many beautiful girls so many interesting faces. What was hated has become oh so loved. Get lost in endless fields or in soaring lights.

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