Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pusa's in the Rain

Now my hands just shake. Struggling to pull the plastic back. Waiting as the same eyes look on. But the rain, memories of the rain. You look gorgeous in the rain. “I have never stood in it for so long.” It can be good to stand in the rain. “Yes, yes it can. I like the rain now.” It can take just a moment to flip a coin. Was it the first or second kiss, that changed her mind? Or maybe it was the 5th, or tenth or that last one after so many more, or my hand tracing the black streak that lay across her face. Hands steadied to pull back the stray strands of hair. Telephone wires divide the sky here as they did there.
Always out of the rain just in time, or lucky enough to be caught by the most timely of rains. Running down your face, making it all glitter like your eyes. You keep saying the words I want to hear but have stopped expecting to come. Moving the way I wanted others to move but have given up on finding. Lips soft and you know how to feel and push. Always give a small kiss after the first long one, good advice. Advice remembered holding you in the crowd as music thumps. In the alley where we walk away from them all. And of course as we stand in the rain.
Fate throwing funny things my way when least expected. Throwing those things most needed, wanted and desired but only when not looked for only when the mind and heart are clear to see. I also know not where we are going but go together and out paths maybe smoother or at least flanked by brighter scenery. And faces first seen in just passing can come to be so much more. How could we ever have know? And never will we know where other faces glanced over and left behind may have gone.

The voices come and so I go
Waiting for those cold stares
From the smokey eyes.
And other lost boys found.
Bring them to play
With those who have been stories
Heard from behind
Or over endless tables in a thousand places.
Words made flesh never have the same shape
But how pleasing suprises can turn out to be
Raindrops down
Beats drop and hips can move
Eyes throw only glances
But lips don’t lie or seek to hide.
You say my poker face is blank
Yours vague as well but
Then the need is gone and the game dropped
Tomorrow I will see you
Even when tonight neither of us wants to go
So we stand, and speak much more
with our silence
As the rain falls down
Blue, always ever blue.
And I will learn to be water,
And the rain becomes me.

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xqg5009 said...

Hello!paotu!my name is charlie, i am a Chinese student studying in penn state. I just saw the video of your learning "qinggong" in Wudang Mountain. Honestly, i was sooooo touched. So i looked for your information on the website and found this blog. I just wanna say you are so awsome and fantastice. I even start admiring you!! i don't know if you have learned "qinggong" yet but i just wanna say," never give up your dream!!"