Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Hong Kong chapter has passed. The words scribbled, the images pulled from my mind to be splashed out in ink shall not be shared with you. Held within the pages of a black book that holds the voice coming from before I was born and after I died has gone now to the one who holds my heart. And there it shall stay for a unicorn to decided what fate lies ahead for both it and me. The pictures captured I will share. The changes, the thoughts, the feelings are not for you and not for me. All I will say is that it was a time of pulling away, of sloughing off old skin. Of the person I was the only ash left clinging a simple band of silver. A sign of strength and courage but most importantly a tie to love and support. To the unstoppable flow of ancestral qi that will always be there flowing deep. The only memory of Hong Kong to be shared shall be the last night.
A brother found. His eyes all i needed to see to know who he was, the dreams he had before he uttered a word. from a place which to me meant nothing but dreams, clouded valleys, crystal lakes, and the notion of heaven on earth which i never thought to go to. We talked and i knew, knew from his eyes he may break her heart, at least he would leave at some point and maybe she wouldn't be able to wait, already she had waited so perhaps she would. we had only met so briefly yet knew our feet should walk together. He bore my sign on his hand. I asked where it was from. "I got that as a child not knowing what it meant." At every turn signs and omens. As if the eyes were not enough. My fate and his would flow together for a while despite the humble meeting.
There I sat later and later into the night. The fire bringing me a joy from warmth that I had not felt since arriving in Hong Kong where I spent my moments trying to escape it. The voices rose up with the sparks and smokes. A haunting beauty. Words I could not understand, words meant to echo in the peaks of Nepal, but a meaning that my heart knew all to well. Long they sang, and we drank and ate. The sun risen, people come for there morning swim in the ocean but still we sang. Till suddenly she stood up. The beautiful girl whose sparkling eyes first drew me towards the path that now led me to such a foreign land, a place i want to and feel i can call home. She stood and began to run. I leapt up after her. Chasing that girl in the blue dress. A blue which joined the early morning sky and the endless ocean as she dove into the gentle lapping waves. Water washing over us, Loving warmth for the first time as I form my last and most lasting vision of Hong Kong. A mermaid, hands trailing in the water as she stares towards the morning sky smiling. Funny that one can so belong in the oceans and the mountains at the same time. If you rise high enough i guess you pierce heaven so that the waters may rain down. My last vision of Hong Kong, a very good one.

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