Sunday, November 9, 2008

Falling birds

Predominance of the Small- When the small predominates it gets through successfully, beneficial if correct. It is suitable for small matters, but not for great matters. The call left by a flying bird should not rise but descend; that is very auspicious.
There is thunder over a mountain, symbolizing predominance of the small. Cultured people are extraordinaliry reverential in their behavior, extraordinarily sorrowful in their mourning, and extraordinarily frugal in their needs.
1. A bird in flight is considered bad luck.

A couple sitting by the side of the road. She holds him.
"Look dinosaurs." "the road up ahead is dangerous, it rained alot last night, be careful." China likes to coat its tunnels in a substance that absors all light cast by headlights. total blackness, crackes walls, uneven stones, the tunnels i had worried about. stop to take a break, look out over the valley. climbed to the top of a mountain, swing the blade breathe the air.
a motorcycle in the road, who put that there? motorcycles shouldn't be on their side.
The wrong way you say. To sichuan, that isn't right. The soup was very good and your village very lovely, but i must be going. back past puddles on mountain tops, down twisting roads.
Covered in his blood. Cars drive around "you left your bike in the road" the horns scream angrily.
What did it feel like? Did you even know or did you think the whole time things would be alright? I have felt my wheels slip. I have seen trucks come up so quickly, holes close too fast. I didn't know it was happening that night, that time the lights came too close. I only knew lights then the distinct sight of gravel and dust. The dust lit by my headlight. Floating there, floating, seen for the first time because i was stopped, but it had been there. Did you know? Did you know you would fall? Do you know why? I saw no cracks in the road, at least none worth noting, no treacherous patches of gravel. Was there another car, another vehicle that just ran leaving you and her to lie there? She knows it happened, but will you ever? In your eyes I saw nothing. Shaking, shaking only shaking. Those cuts did not worry me about them i could have done something, but they didn't matter. The shaking though, I do not want to chake like that . I did not and never wil know you, but I did not want you to shake like that. She is fine, she can still smile like on your keys. I hope you will be able to again, but the shaking, the shaking worreid me. If they had seen it maybe they would have helped. Maybe he would have bothered to take both headphones out. I didn't understand, he understood me. He told me he understood, but blankly stared as i ran and rushed. He understood, I didn't . I didn't understand that he understood and just didn't care. He understood too. I understood that he didn't care either. Can you tell me where i can find a doctor. i want to help him. "you want to help him." he laughed, he laughed and just kept counting the money the old man had given him. none of them cared. i rushed and ran begging, pleading for help. "听不懂." if you don't understand my words i will write them so you do. if you just don't care you have to say so. The sky turns gold. I don't see clouds tonight, I don't see them turn red with the setting sun.

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