Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Temple of the Broken Courtyard Part 4

Abundance- Abundance is success; kings agrandize it. Do not worry; it is good for the sun to be at midpoint.
Thunder and lightning both come, representing abundance. Cultured people make judgements and pass sentences.
2. When abundance is a shade, you see the north star in the daytime. To go on will get yoususpicion and disdain. It is auspicious if you are truthful in an evident way.
6. When you make your rooms huge and enclose your house, a peek in the door finds it silent with no one there, not to be seen for three years.

And still it rains. Harder than ever. Laying, laying, thinking, not thinking. Eating, silently not knowing what to think or say. I am here to understand something. I don't know what, but here for something. I try to listen to your hearts, to hear the message of how to be just and peaceful. It is so hard for me to hear. What should I do. "Eat till your full, sleep when your tired, dress yourself." And the rain lightens. The hatchet rings on metal. Monks run in from the rain, laughing, singing. And the rain stops. The black dog comes over, looks up at me then gazes with me upon the lights of the city. And the rain stops.

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